2012 Results

2012 Manaslu Trail Race Results

Overall results after 7 stages:

  1. Upendra Sunuwar (41) – 20:34:52
  2. Lizzy Hawker (39) – 23:00:45
  3. Holly Rush (16) – 26:37:15

The above results are for the long route. The direct route result is as follows:

  1. Benjamin Winrow (14) – 30:58:08
  2. Angela Flynn (23) – 37:45:32
  3. Jarmo Pitkanen (24) – 39:36:56

The difference between the routes is simple. On stages 5 and 6, the long route took short but steep side-trips to Pungyen Gompa and a view point on the route to Manaslu Base Camp. The direct route followed the main trail in the main valley. 

The full 2012 results can be found below – click the linked image. Please let us know if you have queries or corrections!

2012 Manaslu Trail Race Results

3 Comments on “2012 Results”

  • fellow


    How different is shorter from longer, what are the stage differences ?

    • Richard


      Hello – I’ve just included that explanation in the above. We restricted certain routes due to the risk of over-exhaustion. Exhaustion can increase susceptibility to illness and altitude sickness so this was a sensible precaution to take. The direct course done as a race was plenty tough enough on its own account.

  • Marian


    Congrats to Angela Flynn, a really impressive result for a first ultra marathon – well done! 🙂

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