2013 results

Manaslu 2013 stage-by-stage-results are available as a PDF and are listed below. Note that errors are unlikely but double checking needed after we’ve caught up on sleep.

Nepali athletes

 Overall position Name Time
1 Phudorjee Lamasherpa18:42:20
19 Sanjay Pandit35:23:40
20 Oangdi Gurung36:19:43

Overall results

 Bib #NameTOTAL
0137Phudorjee Lamasherpa18:42:20
0228Anna Frost21:45:25
0324Anne-Marie Flammersfeld22:34:43
0435Claire Price22:55:25
058Mick Thwaites23:51:13
0612Sylvie MURAT24:02:14
0713Denis MERCIER24:17:59
0834James  Leith26:10:20
0933Michael Collins26:43:13
107Richard Morbey28:36:11
116Bruce Chisholm30:39:01
129Shaun Mulholland30:48:28
1311Renee McGregor31:19:37
1422Geoff Dunn32:16:58
1529Jake Zmrhal33:29:30
1616Tricia Watkins33:31:25
1723yasmin wadhai34:16:09
1810Emma Vaughan35:00:39
1939Sanjay Pandit35:23:40
2038Oangdi Gurung36:19:43
211David Binney36:41:47
2219Tere Avila39:00:43
2320Willehard Wortelboer45:13:57
2321Jane Mak Wortelboer45:13:57
2525LILY DYU46:08:18
2627Lizzy Hawker46:18:01
272Claire Palmer47:57:01
274David Palmer47:57:01
2926Sylvie Paquette50:10:29
3014Jessica Aldaba50:23:23
3132Kevin Bailey51:16:29
3215andrew wong53:36:56
3317Karen Carrington66:50:56

Short course

Participants missing one stage.

36Seth Wolpin28:15:01
03Sabine Lintzen39:08:37
05Peter Lanz44:19:25

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