Equipment that you can buy in Kathmandu

Several people have been asking what is possible to buy in Kathmandu. There is a minor manufacturing industry here now for outdoor equipment. Much is copied, using quality materials from  China or Korea. Several companies make their own items for export. Famously Sherpa Adventure Gear is made in Kathmandu, so fine quality items are made here, if expensive.

On the cheaper side of this, a friend Uday has a small factory nearby and produces a range of equipment that certainly does the job at low cost. Is the quality as high as you can buy at home? Probably not, but it is not bad either – the down is of good quality, the fabrics are standard. I would not buy a waterproof jacket here, and sometimes fit can be an issue, and of course you’d have trouble taking it back to shop if you had problems 6 months on, but then you’ll just have to figure out how to use a needle and thread. Obviously you want to be well equipped for the race, but we’re not going to the moon. If you are about to invest in something you don’t see yourself using much in future, shopping around Thamel could be an option. And if that doesn’t work, then many international brands (Sherpa, Mountain Hardwear, North Face, Salewa etc) have stores here.

If you are looking for jackets in quantity, try Raiko here.

Uday, the shop keeper and manufacturer of things.


Some further cost guidelines. Rs 1000 is very roughly US$10 dollars

  • Sheet sleeping bag– always useful for keeping the sleeping bag clean and as your own sheet in hot, less sanitary places as a clean bed sheet:
    • Silk – Rs 1800 (XL 2000)
    • Cotton / silk mix – 750
    • Cotton – Rs 500 (XL 600)
    • Fleece – Rs 950 (XL 1100)
  • Space blanket – Rs 500 / 600
  • Windproof gloves – Rs 350 to 1200
  • Compression sack – Rs 350
  • Iodine tablets – Rs 600 makes 50 litres

8 Comments on “Equipment that you can buy in Kathmandu”

  • James


    Appreciate if you would have Shonas email address. Cant seem to make contact on
    All I want is there opening hours……..thank you……..james

    • richard@manaslu


      At least 9am to 6pm daily – perhaps later in the busy season. Unfortunately, don’t have an email address.

  • jj


    I am currently in kathmandu. can you please tell me where the uday’s shop is? thank you…. jj

  • Rich Mac



    I need gear like this for my trek into the back country. I am 6’4″ w/ athletic frame. need a huge down bag, down jacket, Fleece, trekking poles ect ect.

    I need the address of any reliable shop that can make & sell me enough stuff for my trip in January/February.


    • richard@manaslu


      Hi Rich,
      Sorry I didn’t see this comment before. You can try to contact Uday via SMS on +9779803852464 and ask his email address.
      Let us know how you get on!

  • prem deo


    hey i just wanna knw dat mr. uday maks the jackets as per order jst cz mah dad is very fat so readymade jackts wont b fitting him so if he can mak a jacket as per the size ordered by da customers??????n perhaps where his shop is da next imp qustn whos answer is must!!!

    • richard@manaslu


      Yes, he does.

  • hello. i need to order winter jackets around 1500 pcs. how can i get in touch. please let me know at my mail as soon as possible.
    isshu gurung
    Thimphu Bhutan

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