Fundraising on the Manaslu Trail race


On the 2013 race, Karen Carrington, an American resident of Shanghai competed to raise money for children to have necessary surgery that they could not otherwise afford, through the charity Heart 2 Heart. Congratulations to Karen for all her hard work in raising this money to make such a difference to these children, and their families’ lives.

Karen writes:

Hi everybody,

Great news for the new year!  The first of the children you helped me sponsor from the funds raised from the Shangri-la Challenge and the Manaslu Trail Race have arrived at the hospital.  They are two Tibetan boys (Wang Dui Ci Ren & Luo Sang Ci Ren) who are just wonderful – full of life, smiles, and mischief.  Their information sheets are attached.

Both boys arrived in pretty good shape so they were able to have surgery yesterday.  I visited them this afternoon and they are already well on the road to recovery.  They are already smiling, which I probably wouldn’t be!  They’ll probably be dancing with the others (we brought in 7 Tibetan children for surgery at the same time) by tomorrow since that seems to be one of their favourite activities.

It’s a wonderful thing you’ve all done through these sponsorships.  I wish you could all meet them.  I know that just looking at them made all those endless kilometers worthwhile.  Thanks again for helping to make both of their surgeries possible.  They are great boys and now I’m sure they’ll be able to grow up to be wonderful men.

I’ll let you know about the remaining 1+ children we’ve sponsored once they arrive at the hospital.  That will probably be after Chinese New Year, however, since travel gets a bit difficult from now until mid-February.

Happy New Year!  You’ve certainly made mine happy.

– Karen Carrington

Child #706 – Wang Cui Ci Ren

Child #707 – Luo Sang Ci Ren

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