Travel & stage itinerary

This is the itinerary for the race and the days before and after, with the GPS tracks and distances. NB. The height changes may be less than shown due to inaccuracies of GPS spot heights recorded at the bottoms of the river gorge on stage 2.

Day 1, 2, 3 | Sat, Nov 9th

Days 1-3 – Kathmandu (arrive, organise, depart to start)

Saturday: Arrival in Kathmandu. Sunday: Briefing, checks and sightseeing / preparations. Monday: Journey to start by bus.

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Day 4 | Tue, Nov 12th

Stage 1 – Sotikhola to Dhoban

Race from Soti Khola to Dhoban. Night in tea-house. Check point at Machhakhola.
↔ 24.9 km  2080m   -1650m 

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Day 5 | Wed, Nov 13th

Stage 2: Dhoban to Deng

Race from Dhoban to Deng. Two checkpoints at Jagat and then Philim, a regionally important village. Highlight is the trail after Philim, which enters a wooded canyon.
↔ 27 km  1730m   -740m 

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Day 6 | Thu, Nov 14th

Stage 3 – Deng – Hinang Gompa

Race from Deng to Hinang Gompa. We sleep in the monastery at the end of this stage. An extra privilege. After the checkpoint at Namrung, you'll begin to notice the altitude. Much to like about this tough stage, including a beautiful section of old-growth forest. Hinang is beautifully situated, with a backdrop of the huge Hiu Chuli.
↔ 23.5 km  2130m   -920m 

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Day 7 | Fri, Nov 15th

Stage 4 – Hinang to Samagaon

Race from Hinang Gompa to Samagaon via Pungyen Gompa (~4,000m). This is the first day to really experience high altitudes above 3,000m / ~10,000ft. Today gives the first view of Manaslu. There is an extra water point at Shyala, before the climb to Pungyen. Pungyen is a check-in, check-out checkpoint. Plan to spend time here in clear weather.
↔ 24 km  1500m   -780m 

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Day 8 | Sat, Nov 16th

Stage 5 – Samagaun ~ Manaslu Base Camp ~ Samagaun

Out-and-back race from Samagaun up the Manaslu Base Camp trail, almost to base camp, but not quite, and then back. The high point (usually at the snow line) is a check-in, check-out checkpoint, so you can take you time here to enjoy the spectacular surroundings.
↔ 12.6 km  1100m   -1100m 

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Day 9 | Sun, Nov 17th

Stage 6 – Samagaon to Samdo

Race from the lake shore of Birendra Tal, near Samagaon to Samdo. The race is preceded by a children's race (to be confirmed the day before). This is the shortest stage, but a change climb and undulations. A smooth grassy valley floor trail, with a steady climb... until the sting in the tail climb to the finish.
↔ 7.9 km  530m   -310m 

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Day 10 | Mon, Nov 18th

Active rest: Hike to Tibetan Border

Hike from Samdo to Rui La (4,998m) & Tibetan Border and back to Samdo. Shorter options available.
(3,875m). Night in lodge.
↔ 20 km  1200m   -1200m 

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Day 11 | Tue, Nov 19th

Hike / run Samdo to Bimtang via Larkya pass

Big pass day! Views to Annapurna, Himlung with plenty of big glaciers in the descent valley. Hard work but fabulous!
↔ 22 km  1490m   -1594m 

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Day 12 | Wed, Nov 20th

Stage 7 – Bimtang to Tilje

Freezing start at Bimtang, with the last views of Manaslu from the east, on a racey, forested downhill to reach the final finish in Tilije.
↔ 18.2 km  550m   -1980m 

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Day 13 | Thu, Nov 21st

Day 13. Return to Kathmandu (Bus)

A 7am early start and ~7 hour drive to the hotel in Kathmandu including stops for lunch, tea etc.

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Day 14 | Fri, Nov 22nd

Kathmandu departure (14th day!)

Taxi to the airport and return flight home!

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