Manaslu 2014, arrival details

Welcome to Nepal!

We will meet you at the airport and pick you up and take you to the hotel. You must fill this form in – Flight Arrival Time form – so that the transport company has accurate information.

Here are the arrival times we have so far from you. (Link to Google Doc.)

If for some reason you are coming earlier and you don’t need an airport pick up please let us know.

Getting off the of the plane

Be the last off of the plane, or rather, be last into the bus that takes you to the terminal squashed against the door. This means you’ll be first out of the bus into the terminal and first to the table where you have to fill out a visa application form. For this you will need flight number, passport bio data, dollars, euros, pounds etc cash (USD best), a pen, a passport photo. You may need to mention Manaslu Hotel where you will stay and you can put the number down as  44.100.71 if needed. There are three lines – and this is stupid – one for 15 day visas, one for 30 days, and one for 90 days. The 15 day one may be very long. Get someone to hold your place in the 15-day line, and try the 90 day line with the biggest smile you have.

Keep your boarding pass with its luggage sticker for leaving the baggage collection area.

Airport pickup location

[This is your first chance to buy a SIM card if you have a passport photo with you. First you’ll need some money from the driver, read below, go ask him then go back inside. You can also get later near the hotel.]

When you arrive at the airport and make your way outside, keep left. Walk 30m to the left past the private taxis and we’ll find you to the left of the gathered crowd. Look out for someone holding a sign saying Manaslu Trail Race (big banner below) and your name underneath which should be easy to spot.

Big banner – 1m wide.


The driver may also have a copy of your passport photo so please try to look the same as that if possible. Any problems, SMS or call +977.980.821.9406 or +977.980.383.0880 from somebody’s phone.

tribhuwan airport pick up manaslu race

Pickup location on Google Earth.

This is the location of Hotel Manaslu relative to the airport. The route taken won’t be this but Google doesn’t know the backstreets as well as the driver.


Hotel Manaslu, the race hotel

Fly to the Hotel location on Google Earth.

The group will mainly be arriving on the 8th, though some people are coming earlier. We’re staying in We’ll meet you at the hotel and help you find your room and introduce you to others who’ve already arrived.

It’s near to the Radisson Hotel.


wifi-coffee-locations-close-to-manaslu-hotelThe hotel has slow free wifi and expensive fast wifi. There are a couple of cafés and restaurants nearby such as Bluenote, with good coffee and free wifi.

Nothing is planned for Saturday as arrival times stretch throughout the day. It’s a good time to either rest after your flight, or fit in a short visit to a heritage site, or last minute shopping.

On Saturday evening we’ll go for a group dinner (7pm) at Nepali Chulo. It is close by and we’ll walk via backstreets:


An outline of the Sunday morning briefing programme will be linked here soon!

If you have any questions about this information, please add your question below in the comments box as it will help others.

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