Manaslu base camp trail

The 2018 Manaslu Trail Race field group photo

Every year we take a kind of survivors photo but before the race has finished! The location is the reason. Here we are at Birendra lake, which is the pro-glacial lake collecting the meltwater below Manaslu.

The day before we take the Manaslu Base Camp trail to a height of about 4600m way above this lake, which you can see on the brown grassland above the lake to the right of the image.

This photo is taken after racing along most parts of the Manaslu Trek route climbing from 600m to about 3600m where this photo is taken.

Stage 6 of the race is a relatively easy race from this lake to Samdo at 3800m.

You can see a map of the Manaslu Trail Race route that we take here.

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