Manaslu: Fundraising through Photographs

This is aimed at theĀ participants of the 2015 Manaslu Trail Race for whom these photos will have obvious meaning! Thanks to Mark Brightwell for the photography and the initiative to collect donations in this way.

Hi everyone,


First up, thanks for bearing with me.

The link is now live.

You can now order prints

. The proceeds will go to Trail Running Nepal’s ‘Solar Lights’ initiative.

Click to see the gallery
Click to see the gallery

Here’s how it works:

The original link I sent now works. This one should also take you there:

Go to ‘Open Gallery’

You can then chose ‘Slide Show’ or you can just scroll through.

Click on a photo you like to take it from the gallery.

Click on it once more to enlarge it.

Click again to reduce it.

Click ‘Buy Photo’ tab (top right)

Now select Size. It sounds obvious but you need to match the dimensions to the shot eg 10 x 10 is a square image – some of the images in the gallery are square, so would be appropriate. Others are landscape and thus with 10 x 10, you would lose a lot from the edges.

Next chose Lustre or Gloss. Particularly if you are looking to frame the images (which I recommend), I would strongly recommend Lustre. The difference is well explained here:

You then arrive at the Crop page. It’s important that you check the crop. You can select ‘Edit Crop’. Anything outside the red lines you will lose. So move the crop around until you have the fit you are happy with.

When you are happy, click ‘Done’ and follow the steps to ‘Check Out’.

What happens next?

The images you’ve ordered are sent to the very best professional lab in the UK, Loxley Colour. They do the necessary colour correction, print the images and then dispatch them.

They do dispatch internationally but there are exceptions. I’m pretty sure they won’t dispatch to Columbia or Nepal. In these cases they will dispatch to me and we can arrange onwards postage.

Other options:


Ultimately, from an artistic and egotistic point of view, I want my images to be hanging on your walls. And that’s why my main offering is of prints from a top end colour lab.

However, I am not inflexible and ultimately, what’s much more important is generating funds for more clean, sustainable light in the Manaslu communities (and that you are satisfied – a close second šŸ˜‰ )

So, if you are writing articles for example, and you need the digital images, let me know and we can sort something out.

Black & White:

I’m about to upload a few more images to the gallery. Some are Black & White. If you see a colour image you like and want to see it in Black & White, let me know and I’ll edit it for you.

The Fundraising:

The proceeds of each purchase will be significant: 70%-80%

The costs I incur from Shootproof and Paypal are the only subtractions.

I will keep you informed of the amount raised and will periodically send this to Trail Running Nepal’s ‘Solar Lights’ fund.

In Summary:

I hope this will be the win/win I am aiming for. Thank you for your support – and your patience.

I want you to get something beautiful for your homes; something that will conjure great memories and perhaps spark fresh inspiration.

And I think we all want to do what we can to continue supporting the communities in which we ‘Ran for Light’.

Thanks again to Richard & Dhir for organising and directing the Manaslu Trail Race and for bringing together such a wonderful group of people.

Grande! Bravo! but most of all Dhanyabad!

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