Note to insurers

Dear insurer,

The Manaslu Mountain Trail Race is a multi-day running race along a trekking route in Nepal. The running stages range from 18km to 39km – so not marathon distance. The ‘race ‘ passes over a high pass of 5,135m but this will not be run as a race, but walked as a group. The race schedule takes into account a safe acclimatisation schedule.

An experienced medical doctor will accompany the group. We’ve developed a clear CasEvac procedure involving helicopters and CIWEC clinic in Kathmandu. We’ll carry a full medical kit, a Gamow bag and satellite phone for emergency situations. All competitors are required to fill out a medical form which is signed by their doctor.

All in all it is a highly professional event with experienced, fit participants.

Insurance requirements for participants

  1. Cover for travel to 5,135 m (not mountaineering, no ropes used)
  2. Cover for emergency helicopter evacuation to Kathmandu
  3. Cover for repatriation to home country for emergency treatment not available in Kathmandu
  4. Cover for a “race” or sports competition (some companies exclude this in their fine print)

Additionally, some entrants may:

  1. Need cover for trips starting at the destination (already away and not departing from their country of residence)

3 Comments on “Note to insurers”

  • benwinrow


    I found snowcard to be the most helpful and also a company that covers high altitude running and heli rescue/repatriation. I have no conflict of interest in posting this 🙂
    (you also get a cool wrist band with the emergency number on the inside of it)

    • thehalfhog


      But only for UK residents!

      • benwinrow


        Unfortunately so.

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