Runners’ feedback 2014

The best way to explain how this race is to let those who partook summarize their experience, whether good or bad.

For me it was really my best trail running experience since more than 20 years of trail running!

Stefan Tassani-Prell, Germany

2015 feedback and recommendations can be found on this page.

2014 competitor’s feedback

“Well I have come back down to earth (literally). What an adventure, expedition and race! There were a few white knuckle moments among the racing, socialising and travelling. It was a diverse mix of 40 people in the race, all there for the experience but not all to be competitive. It was awesome to meet all these people and share life stories and experiences, very humbling and very inspiring in many cases. It was especially tough running at altitude (up to 4400m) and the hill climbs were relentless.”

Mick, Australia

“Trail adventure of a lifetime….due to combination of jaw-dropping scenery (I will never forget my first sight of Manaslu), fantastic trails, beautiful villages, humble people (highlight being invited into their home), excellent trip organisation and wonderful team camarderie! …. a hugely rewarding challenge.”

Bruce Chisholm, NZ

“A reminder of an absolutely incredible journey, a race that challenged me mentally more than any other, an adventure shared with new friends in a truly amazing part of the world. I enjoyed the altitude, the scenery, the climbs & ups. I was challenged by the downs, the rocks, the cold, snow & ice. A humbling experience that put me well out of my comfort zone, forced me to reflect on my strengths & weaknesses, an experience that has given me much more than I could have ever anticipated.”

Emma Vaughan, Australia

“Best run I’ve done. Challenging run through spectacular scenery”

David Binney, NZ

“Physically and mentally, this was the toughest thing I have ever done in my life. And yet it was the most incredible adventure too –  astonishing scenery, fascinating villages and cultures, and, most of all, the wonderful people encountered in our fellow runners, Nepali crew and the locals whose lives we briefly passed through. Great to see the race give back to the communities through its partnership with LED and the delivery of light. Thank you to you, Dhir and the team for making this possible. ”

Lilly Dyu, UK

“You will walk / run along with the mules on these ancient trails,  get over 5,000m passes, cross many rivers on these [suspension] bridges, hear the silence, see the sun rise on the Manaslu and share some really lovely food with people from all over the world. And after 12 days without a hot shower you will realise what a luxury it is when you finally have that hot shower…”

Jane Mak, NL

“Thanks for organising this event once again, had an amazing time and can’t wait to get back to Nepal! We were amazed by spectacular scenery, met great people and got to witness life in rural Nepal; it may be a cliche but it really was an experience of a lifetime!”

Mike Collins, AUS

“It’s one thing doing a race in the Himalayas and seeing those glorious snow-capped ranges from a distance; but to be running on a beautiful trail through these mountains with them towering above you one minute, then running up their steep sides the next and surveying the amazing views, that’s a unique running experience.”

Claire Palmer, UK

“Perfect training for ironman…… tougher than other well known larger scale multistage events and at the same time much more racer friendly.”

Willehard Wortelboer, Netherlands

“A week of trail-running, altitude and adventure in Nepal  Thanks for all the effort the team put into this very enjoyable trip.”

Geoff Dunn, NZ

“It was definitely the hardest, worst thing I’ve ever done in my entire life …. I absolutely loved it!”

Karen Carrington, USA

“The Manaslu Trail Race was one of the toughest most beautiful races I have ever done! A challenge that will definitely take you outside your comfort zone and through a journey you will never forget.”

Yasmin Wadhai, Iraq

From 2012:

“Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing event, filled with challenges, struggles, adventure, culture, friendship, laughs, and lots of fun! How fortunate we are to be able to participate in something like this, and to have our lives so enriched.”

“It was one of the most challenging experiences of my life and I absolutely loved it. I felt privileged to be a part of such a unique event and will hold the memories for a long time. I am sure the race will go from strength to strength.”

“…really enjoyed it ..ticked all the boxes in my eyes, was a great event and thanks for putting it all together… know it must have been a logistical nightmare ..but you pulled it off.” – Lee Harris, UK/Dubai

“It was the hardest thing I have ever done, which is turns makes it one of the most rewarding experiences.”

Thank you to those participants who took time to write to us and give feedback. It is helpful, encouraging and much appreciated. To the other  participants, if you wish, please add your feedback below.

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