Manaslu Race hi-res photo pack

We have a race photographer, but compared to other races, his job is a much more difficult one: often starting at 4am and walking to the finish carrying 15kg of camera gear! No vehicles, coving the same route as you by foot.

Anuj is a great action photographer. He took photos for the UTMB in Chamonix in 2017, documenting the race of the women’s leading pack, and been published in leading trail and mountain biking magazines in Europe, and Asia.

At the end of the race, we publish a set of around ~100 of the best images images in mid-resolution, good for photo books, slideshows etc, which should have at least one photo of most runners, and this is normally satisfactory for most people.

You can see the selection for 2017 here.

If anyone wants / needs a larger set of hi-res photos, perhaps for a sponsor, for a slideshow, printing, or just to relive memories, and if we have enough demand, then we can ask Anuj to sit down for 4 or 5 more days to sort through his 7000+ photos and produce a hi-res photo pack (5600px) with more photos of each competitor, which you can gain access to for private use.

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Anuj retains the license to these photos and requests they are not published on the internet (at high-resolution) so that they still can be sold to magazines, which is how photographers like Anuj make part of their living between contracts.

A photo pack is 50 euro – is well worth it for an awesome collection of photos from this awesome race.

Buy the photo pack >>>

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