Day 10 – Rest/Walking – Samdo – Tibetan Border – Samdo


Rui La – the border with Tibet.

Today is a partial rest day, at least a day off from running in this tough schedule. Those with the energy are invited to walk up to the border, the Rui La, at 4998m between Nepal and Tibet. It’s quite a long walk but we’ll take it easy. We may see a yak caravan on the way. The view from here is memorable. Bring prayer flags.


Yak’s heading to Tibet for shopping.

It is possible to do a shorter walk with less climb too which also gives great views of the valley of the “1800 River” or a shorter still hike up the hill behind Samdo for those needing to conserve energy. The aim is to reach a higher altitude to increase your acclimatisation further.

There should be electricity (5pm-10pm) and WIFI in Samdo, though, as with other places, the electricity supply can be erratic, coming at half power or not at all. Do your charging in Sama if you can.

near samdo manaslu gorkha nepal

Returning to Samdo

Pass crossing day