Stage 6 – Samagaon to Samdo

But not your run! In 2013 for the first time we organised the Sama mini-marathon, a race through the village for around 50 children from the Samagaon school. Amazing fun! We’ve continued to work with the school since and it is a lot of fun.

sama school kids race 3

Sama school children before the race…

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Prize giving out of the way, it is time for your run, the shortest day of all but reaching 3800m, so still hard work. First a group photo, and then…

Manaslu birendra tal lake

…a little bit of fun…

Mira Rai Manaslu Birendra Tal

…we’re off!

mira rai manaslu trail race start

So today is a relatively easy day with a chance to run with some speed. The trail climbs only 400m on long gentle slopes with easily runnable trails.

Active acclimatisation day