Stage 4 – Hinang to Samagaon

Manaslu from Lho

Wow view from Lho to Manaslu

Again there’s a downhill start to the day. We reach Sho and the trail levels out. There is a short climb up to Lho, a village with a huge monastery and an awesome view of Manaslu. We’ll make a climb up to Syala (3,500m) for a water point before leaving the main trail again to climb up to Pungyen Gompa where there will be a checkpoint (and another astonishing view) before descending again to Samagaon, the main village in this area called Nubri.


Tite Togni running from Pungyen Gompa

This is possibly the closest village in the world to an 8000m peak, which stands less than 5km away. Manaslu is also known locally as Mount Pungyen which can be roughly translated as “ornamental heap”. You’ll be able to find your own term of endearment for Manaslu.

marco beretta manaslu 2014

Marco Beretta on the Pungyen Trail

You can see a video of the hike up to Pungyen here:

Hike to Pungyen Gomba from Peter Kent on Vimeo.

Villagers and western pilgrims hike to a Buddhist monastery near Samagoan, Nepal (near the Tibetan border).

Stage 5: Sama to Samdo