Deposit payment for Manaslu Trail race 2016

The deposit fee is 412 US Dollars (USD$) as this is the primary foreign currency used in Nepal (as 400 + 3%), but we try to make it easy for you to pay using different currencies . If you wish to pay in GBP, Euro or other currency equivalent to reduce on transaction costs, here are options. Any early bird discounts you qualify for will be applied on receipt of the balance payment. You can pay via:

  • Wire / bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Paypal

Wire / bank transfer (preferred)

If you want to transfer from your bank, this can be done quickly and relatively easily via from non-CHF accounts to our CHF account.

Please read Payments to KORAExplore GmbH.

Credit card (preferred)

This is simple and easy. Please visit this linked page for payment in EUR or USD. The payment is handled by gateway and the payee is KoraExplore GmbH registered in Switzerland who manages this races’ finances.

Paypal account – Deposit fee US$400 + 3%

Convenient but least preferred!

If you already have a USD or Euro PayPal account and wish to use that, please do. We charge an extra 3% which shares the ~5+% transaction cost with you. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.




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