Sponsorship programme

Every year we invite and sponsor up to 6 young, talented runners to join us at the Manaslu Trail Race. In the past we’ve had Mira Rai, Sunmaya Budha, Bhim Gurung, Suman Kulung, Priya Rai, Anita Rai (jr) and many others show us their talent, while they enjoy the experience of visiting a new part of Nepal and racing and interacting with international runners.

If you are a young, talented runner, and are interested in joining the Manaslu Trail Race via the sponsorship programme, please fill in the form below, or for more information email info@manaslutrailrace.org.

We select based on various factors:

  • Race history: you should have completed at least three trail races one of which must be trail marathon (42 km) distance;
  • Age: you should be between 18 and 30 years.
  • Language ability: you should be able to communicate in basic English.
  • Attitude and aptitude: we prefer those who show dedication to trail running and want to progress.

We’re sorry that not everybody who applies using this form will be selected. We wish you the best of luck!

Nepali upcoming runner application form

Please give your email ID if you have one.
Please tell us which races you have completed and the results.
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