Trail shoes

Several people have asked for equipment recommendations and I am going to include shoes in these recommendations. Shoes are tricky to recommend as everybody’s feet and running styles are different.

I bought the shoe below on the recommendation of Lizzy Hawker. It was my first specialized low-drop trail running shoe after years of wearing “running shoes”. Over the last two years I change my running style slightly to strick on the mid-foot just by thinking about pushing my chest out by 1cm. Since then I have been pretty much injury free since the plantar fasciitis said a last goodbye.

I have crossed glaciers and moraines, completed a 100km on road, worn in bars and run though monsoon mud with no blisters. I bought a UK size 11 which is about half a size bigger than I normally wear. I wear them a little loose and let my foot do the work.

The only down side of these shoes is the slightly weak upper – the glacial moraine’s sharp rocks wore a couple of holes on the sides. Perhaps later versions have improved on this. The next shoes I buy will be Innov-8 as I have no reason to experiment with something else.


Innov-8 Roclite 295

Well worn and still worn.

Just needs a bit of stitching.

Japanese version