Welcoming Mimmi Kotke and Ida Nilsson to the 2023 race.

three women running

The Manaslu Trail Race is always blessed with interesting people joining its start line. Despite a common interest of running, there is a diversity of experience in life that is fun to share. Occasionally we’re graced with running talents that have reached the top of their game. They include in recent years Holly Page, Ragna Debats, Roman Evarts (too grumpy to be famous), and now friends Mimmi Kotka and Ida Nielson.

For us regular runners, we get to see how the people that we normally only see fresh and smiling on the podium, are human too, that they struggle running at altitude, enjoy playing cards, get holes in their socks, snore when sleeping, bang their heads on low doorways, and so on.

So we’re excited to meet them in Nepal and get the chance to learn all about their experiences in big, high pressure races, and running a food company catering to picky runners. They will be joined by Mimmi’s partner Toni, who’s an expert photographer.

Here’s Mimmi telling how she got to joining this race:

Why you are excited to come to Nepal?

I am not too much of a traveler but there are a few places on my bucket list and Nepal is highest. The mountains are calling but also the culture and history of this unique place. I see this trip as an adventure both physically and spiritually and really look forward to it. 

Are you excited about the Manaslu Trail Race?

The Manaslu Trail Race has been on my radar for a while but I have not been able to travel for it. I have some friends that have participated in previous years and they speak so highly about it. The whole experience, the race itself for sure but also the volunteers, staff and great ambiance. This is the type of race I love to do, it will be about community and sharing the adventure more than anything else. I know that the organization has a great local connection, that it will be a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and that we will have a great time. It is a tough adventure for sure but I feel like this is the way to do it, together with other adventurous souls guided by people caring for the Nepal community. 

Read an interview with Mimmi by clicking the link below. And keep the balance by learning about Ida below! There is no article about Toni so you will have to wait to learn more.

Mimmi, Ida and Toni, welcome to the Manaslu Trail Race!

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